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Attitude Foundation was established in 2018 under the leadership of Borbála Blaskó, ballet artist, choreographer and director, chairwoman of the board of trustees. The aim of the Foundation is to create works of art and support creative work involving young adults with autism, socially disadvantaged artists, students and young talents in the process of creation and art projects.


We want to support the self-expression, training and creative activities of young artists and present their value-creating work to a wide audience. We deal with talent management programs, art performances, trainings, events, exhibitions, design, production and distribution of art publications.

The mother of the chairman of the board of trustees of the Foundation, Andrea Milvius is an actor, and his father, actor Péter Blaskó Actor Péter Blaskó is a leading artist of Hungarian theatrical life. Her brother, Bence Blaskó is a painter living with autism (, who follows the artistic path of his grandfather, Blaskó János, painter. The family was directly involved in establishing the foundation's goals, and sharing their ambitions Borbála Blaskó is really motivated to promote the the foundation activities and help young artists build a successful artistic career.

In the last two years, the Foundation has focused on creating art productions,  e.g. Csajka at the Bethlen Square Theater (which was later also invited to Trieste) and creating a children's performance entitled Bogyó és Babóca ünnepel, at the Jászai Mari Theater in Tatabánya. A similar cooperation was initiated in connection with the presentation entitled Hesszelők, scheduled for March 2020. The Bethlen Square Theater would have hosted the show, which had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

The posters of the art productions realized by Borbála Blaskó are regularly made using the works of Bence Blaskó, a young painter with autism. This way of working helps Bence’s works reach a wide audience and, as a co-creator become an equal member of the group of artists who participate in the production.Following his example, in line with our best practice, we would like to offer other young people with autism similar opportunities by engaging them into art projects, leisure and cultural programs implemented in integrated groups.


Borbála Blaskó

Gábor Kocsis

Károly Juhász

Creative Project Development

Gabi Béni


Attila Somogyi

Bence Blaskó

Máté Kovács

Csilla Molnár

Péter Halmai

Cooperating Partners

Amijó Ltd.

Aura Association

Budai Drawing School

Hungarian Dance Academy

Matató Bookbinding Manufactory

T-Art Foundation

Social Design

Art products based on the works of autistic artists



The Watchers (Hesszelők)

dance performance

Bethlen Square Theater

Mór Jókai: Flowers of the wild

art performance
The project is supported by the Hungarian Academy of Arts.

Special viewing angle - advantage from disadvantage

cultural, educational and leisure programs (submitted application)

Talent development workshops and camps

all art project linking different art sectors (under preparation)


Dance art productions

art projects of Borbála Blaskó, choreographer-director



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